Curse of the Crimson Throne

Lightning, Be Our Blades

Battle of the Crimson Rain Part 2

An invisible yet understood line divided the two armies. An army of mercenaries, guards, and citizens stand together across the way from a sea of grays, reds, and blacks. Heavily armored and well trained Gray Maidens create the body of this extension of Ileosa’s will, with Red Mantis Assassins and Black dragons to reinforce the visage of tyranny and fear.

Parting the vast army with a combination of awe and fear, the King of Korvosa moves to the front of the opposing army. His mere presence causing discomfort and fear amongst the ranks of the Champions’ allies. Despite the heavy rain pouring down on the battlefield, all felt beads of sweat beginning to form as the oppressive sight of the enemy commander became clear to all.

The Gray Maidens stood their ground as their king slowly walked forward. The morale of the revolution began to waver as Rand picked up speed. He reached the halfway point between the two armies as a squad of rebels shouted out and charged him, his presence breaking their discipline. With passion and fervor, they rushed the inquisitor with swords drawn and shields up, only to be met with the overwhelming power that the King possessed. The sight of their comrades being decimated by a single man galvanized the rest of them. So began the Battle of the Crimson Rain.

The two forces clashed in the fields outside Harse. The larger but less experienced rebels against the well trained and well-armed Gray Maidens. The Champions watched as many of their allies and friends ran into the fray to fight against their common enemy.

The Champions began to scan the field for any allies who needed them. Their eyes came across two of their friends who could use reinforcements, Ishani the Cleric and Grau the Guard. Believing Grau could handle himself longer than the more pacifist priest, they rushed to Ishani’s aid.

They arrive to find him surrounded by multiple Gray Maidens. However, the overwhelming skill and power the Champions possessed made this battle exceedingly easy for them to rescue the cleric of Sarenrae. They asked him to be more careful since he is their only hope if someone falls. Seeing the wisdom of their advice, Ishani left the battlefield to go into the healer’s tent to cure the wounds of any soldier coming in.

After confirming Ishani left the battle, the Champions searched for Grau to make sure the swordsman was still alive. They found him but instead of soundly trouncing his opponents, he too was surrounded by Gray Maidens and a couple of young black dragons. With the assistance of the Champions, Grau was able to survive the skirmish and went on to fight in another area of the battle.

The heroes looked around to find other friends to assist. They initially saw Hawke facing off against a large Black dragon. Before they could reach him to help, however, Hawke slayed his enemy before him and moved on to find Rand Gilver. Giving the battle another look around, the group saw three other allies in trouble. They saw Benjamin surrounded by several of his old comrades from the Red Mantis Assassins. They also saw Strog trying to defend the town of Harse from another group of Gray Maidens. Finally they witnessed Vencarlo Orisini facing off against a dragon of his own with a fearless expression.

Worried about how Clara would react if Benjamin were to die, the party decided to go save him from his former allies. While normally able to face off against any Red Mantis Assassin in combat, even Benjamin couldn’t fight off five of his former comrades by himself. However, with the Champions’ assistance, he is more than able to fight off the less skilled assassins. Thanking them for their help, Benjamin jumped back into the battle, disappearing within the crowds.

As the party looked towards the other two allies in need, they realized they couldn’t save both as they were going about it. Not having any of that, Ari decided to go save Strog by herself. She told the rest of them to go save Orisini from the dragon bearing down on him. Knowing they couldn’t stop Ari from saving her friend, the rest of the heroes made haste towards the aging swordmaster.

They arrived to find Orisini outmatched against the dragon. Not surprising since he is more used to fighting people, not terrifying creatures of the swamp. Anja rushed in to save her master from the dragon and began to hold it at bay. Blackjack and Brealyn followed to offer her back up, and Orion tried his best to reach a blind spot. Together they were able to rescue Orisini once again. He thanked them and said he needed to make sure Hawke was doing alright. He told them to be careful as he pushed his way through the battle to find Hawke.

Ari made her way back to her allies stating that she was able to save Strog from a slew of Gray Maidens. Together again, the Champions surveyed the battlefield once again to search for allies in peril. Ari, flying upon the magic carpet found in Arkona’s mansion, had the best vantage point and saw Grunt, Trinia, and Cressida deep in their own battles.

With determination, they pushed through their fatigue to go help finish this fight. Unknown to them, a dark figure stalks them in the heat of the battle, waiting for his moment to strike them.


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